Friday, August 24, 2007

Yoga and Owl Hats, somehow related?

So my yoga class was wonderful last night. I'm sore today, but I take that as a good sign. We did some work with weights, which was great, because now I know moves to do with mine at home. We did lots of stretches that are amazing for the pregnant lady back, too. It was extremely relaxing, too, as we just laid on our sides and practiced deep breathing at the end of class. There was soft music playing, and they have this amazing soft carpet that you lay on with a little silk pillow under your head... I think everyone should do yoga! It's so relaxing! At the very end, our teacher gave us all hot herbal tea and we talked about hospitals, pregnancy issues, etc. for a while. The other moms are definitely older than me, and most of them are definitely wealthy stay-at-home moms, but they are nice. I don't think I'll be finding any lasting friendships, but it's more relaxing to me to go and just sort of keep to myself. Being social after having to talk to people all day at work is not what I want... Isn't that awful?

I also finally broke down and bought the famous Gymboree owl hat off of Ebay. It came today to my work, and I wish I could show you all how cute it is. It's just perfect. It's so tiny, and probably the softest thing I've ever touched. It's also new with the tags, so it's clean and everything, and significantly cheaper than if I had bought it at Gymboree (whew that stuff is expensive). Anyways, I can't wait to see it on the baby. I have two onesies from that same line, and it's just so cute. Owls and squirrels, and it's totally gender neutral.

In other news, Justin and I are going to look at a two bedroom apartment tomorrow. It would be a sublease situation, and we would move in in October, and our lease ends in October... So it would be perfect in some ways, but difficult in others. I hope it works out though. It's literally around the corner from our apartment now, and it's in the same building as our friends with the newborn. It is also a second floor apartment, with a dishwasher, and central heat and AC. Cross your fingers for us!

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