Thursday, October 25, 2007

Another 3 in one day... Sorry!

I just got back from Target. I skipped out for the drill, and went to Target (and to get my emissions tested) and it was a nice break. I got a pumpkin spice latte, too. It's delicious. Probably only about 3000 calories, too...

And just for the record, lots of people have asked where the pain is in my side. It's very high, up in my rib cage on the right side. It feels similar to when you go running and get a stitch in your side. And it is sometimes on the front side, and sometimes in the back. Lots of people have suggested round ligament pain, which I've had, and continue to have, but that's usually much lower. That's also gotten a lot better the further along I've gotten. Now I mainly have it when I sneeze, or get up too fast.

I appreciate everyone's concern. And suggestions! There's nothing I'd like more than to figure out what is going on over there! There's this one thing that Hosey does with his/her little fists (or feet...?) pushing really hard on that side up top, and it actually makes it feel a little better. It's like an internal massage. I know that sounds kind of icky, but I see it as Hosey's emerging personality, which is obviously caring and attentive. My mom suggested I check my blood pressure frequently at the drug store to make sure that it is not too elevated, and I think I'll try that. Those chair things are awesome!

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