Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Paranoia Paranoia

I'm actually glad that my doctor's appointments are now every two weeks. I seem to becoming more of a nervous nancy with each passing day. The pain in my side is continuing, and I'm anxious to ask my doctor about it tomorrow. I also noticed that Hosey has been especially quiet yesterday and today. Usually I get a flurry of activity every time I eat, but now it's just been a kick or two. I guess maybe Hosey is sleepy?

In any case, I'm starting to understand why expectant parents buy those $50 dopplar sets where you can listen to the baby's heartbeat any time you want. I'd probably keep it on my person at all times if I got it at this point. And that would be bad... But I do feel like I'm turning into a mother hen. Especially because strangers and aquaintances seem to love nothing more than tell you horrible stories about their friend or their cousin or their friend's friend's sister who had complications at [insert how far along I am at time of conversation] and then [insert horrible and sad situation that may or may not have ended well].

Also, apparently our landlord just realized that we are having a baby yesterday. He came to install the smoke detectors and also put in a new towel rack (yay! it's on the bead board and cannot rip out) although he left the holes in the wall for now... and saw the crib (still halfway done) and put two and two together. He asked Justin about it when he came home. I guess he was just finishing right when Justin was getting home. He did say that it wouldn't have changed anything, but he thought it was funny that we didn't mention it. In our defense, I was six and a half months pregnant when we went, and assumed that it was sort of obvious. I guess he thought I just had a weird fat belly. Awesome.

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Nana said...

Not to mention it's illegal for that to be an issue (if memory serves - I do, however, remember the days of landlords being very creative in trying to keep people with children out - such as if you have 2 children you'll have to rent a 3 bedroom apartment which is $$$$ a month or if you have children you have to prove your take-home income is 4x the monthly rent - and who does that??)