Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grumble grumble

The earliest appointment for the ultrasound is November 5. On the upside, maybe the pain will be gone by then... Either way, the doctor doesn't seem too worried about it, so that should be a relief. I tried taking Tylenol during the movie, and it didn't work at all. And I try not to take unnecessary medicine these days.

I'm sure it will work itself out eventually. In the mean time, at least I can whine on my blog...

Oh, and we have an evacuation drill in our building today. However, I don't have to walk down the 20 flights of stairs (I feel bad for those people on the 56th floor) since I'm pregant, but I will have to stand in the emergency stair landing while the alarm sounds for 20 minutes. Should be enjoyable... :)

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Dawn said...

I hope your pain gets better. Is is lower in your abdomen? When I was pg with Jessica, I had pain in my lower side (can't remember which) and the midwife told me it was my ligaments stretching to accomodate my enormous belly!