Monday, October 8, 2007

I am avoiding work

And writing a blog quickly. Things are crazy around here, and so I am taking the responsible step of writing a blog entry. Earlier I played Excel Tetris that my co-worker sent me. It's awesome!

Anyways, our weekend was exhausting, but truly wonderful. We really realized how much help we are getting through this busy and exciting time. The baby shower on Friday night was very fun. Quite a few people came, and about half stuck it out through about 9:30, when we all split up. We had quite a haul of gifts, and everyone was incredibly generous. There were some really cute things, and some really practical things, and then some things that count for both. I actually really enjoyed having the shower at a bar, since it was Friday, everyone relaxed and had a few drinks and there wasn't so much pressure on me to open gifts in front of everyone and all of that. I think even the boys enjoyed themselves. Justin certainly did.

On Saturday, my Mom, my Sister, her husband, and their girls came down to help us move. It was amazing how fast everything came together. Justin and Jon only had to do 2 trips in the moving van before we had all of our furniture in the new place. My sister Kendree did lots and lots of unpacking for us, and her girls provided general cuteness. That's always helpful. We went to Fox Brothers Barbeque for lunch (it's near Little Five Points) and it was really really good. It was a treat from my Grandparents, who weren't there, but were still nice enough to treat us all to lunch. My mom and I went shopping at Target for a few necessities, and then Ross to look for some curtains. She ended up getting us some absolutely lovely curtains for the living room, and some really cool curtain rods to hang them on. The living room no longer has an echo! And Hosey's room is coming along. We hung the curtains in there, and put the dresser together. We still need to put the crib together, but we keep running out of steam before we get to it. We figure it will probably be an all day event. There are gifts everywhere now, too, and I've got to get all of that organized. I'm being silly and washing all the baby clothes before I put them in the dresser so that we can just go ahead and use them once the baby is born.

The shower on Sunday was perfect. It was really nice to see everyone, and the restaurant was fantastic. The food was great, and my stepmom had made some very lovely floral arrangements. My sister brought Kewpie dolls to put on the table, and there was even one on the cake! It was adorable. Again, everyone was very generous, and we got a lot of really nice gifts. My aunt also brought her changing table, and Justin and I are excited to announce that it fits perfectly in Hosey's room. As she said, it's good news for her since it means her twins are out of diapers, and good news for us because we are so thankful to have a changing table!

Back to the grind. I'm afraid I can't put it off any longer... :)

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