Monday, October 29, 2007

Very Merry Birthday

It's strange. I've had the Alice in Wonderland song, "A Very Merry Un-birthday to Me" stuck in my head all weekend. I'm not sure where it came from, but it's still kicking around in there.

I had a very nice birthday weekend. And thanks to everyone who called, or sent cards, and generally made me feel special to be turning 24. I don't feel 24. I guess I just haven't noticed a difference in birthdays in a long time. Not since I turned 21. Not that that was all too long ago...

Our weekend was very fun. We had a great time at Andretti's. Justin got to race one of the karts, and he had a lot of fun, although he went a little slower than our friends. It was him, two of our friends, and then some guys who apparently are there all the time racing and thought they were really cool and tough. Right. Being in your early thirties and racing go-karts all the time makes you awesome. Especially when you are surly and mean and make nasty comments about the other racers... Either way, it was fun. I played lots of skee ball, and other fun arcade games. Everyone gave me their tickets, and I ended up with a billion. I got a stuffed Mogwai from the Gremlins movies. He's very cute. I also got an Atomic Homer, and he's wearing a super hero outfit. I'm not sure what it's in reference to, but I like it. I also got a little game with a suction ball and paddles. The ball lights up when it hits the paddles. I always dreamt of having that many tickets when I was a kid at Showbiz Pizza, but I never really got out of the plastic dinosaur and friendship bracelet range.

The farm on Saturday was fun. There was a petting zoo, and lots of little stands set up with exhibits, and of course, the historic home where the original farmers lived in the 1940's. It was interesting. Ella and Chloe had a good time playing with the animals, and I fell in love with Holly the pig. She was very little and fat fat fat. She would eat and eat and eat, ignoring everyone, and then fall over on her side and pant for a while. She was on a harness and leash that a little boy was holding. There was also a pony, goats, bunnies, ducks, a turkey, chickens, a ten day old calf, and a snake exhibit. Then there was some old gadgety stuff like engines that I didn't really get, but it seemed neat. We didn't go see the Civil War Reinactors, but you couldn't miss them stalking around in their costumes. They were very proud. It was also nice to see my dad and stepmom and stepsister, and I met my stepsister's boyfriend for the first time.

Saturday night, we went to dinner with Justin's Dad and Susan. It was a surprise, but we ended up going to Watershed in Decatur. It was very very good. I would definitely recommend it to everyone. Everything there is delicious. I had a pork chop with collards and macaroni cheese, and it was oddly elegant. It was really good. Justin ordered a 19 oz steak. It was gigantic. Then we had the "Very Good Chocolate Cake" for dessert. They put a candle in it for me, and it was very nice. And very good.

Sunday we went to Justin's sister Jessica's house for her daughter's second birthday party. It was very fun. She was dressed as a princess the whole time (Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty if I'm not mistaken) and her cake was an elaborate castle. It was nice to see everyone, and we also picked up the crib mattress from Justin's Mom and Terry, who were nice enough to bring it with them.

We finished our bedroom on Saturday, so we are now left with just the nursery. I think we figured out how we want the furniture oriented, we just have to move it. Then we can make the bed and hang pictures, and we'll just be waiting for Hosey! I still want to do lots of laundry, but I've got so many little things I keep forgetting to do. Mainly little stuff like my short term disability paperwork for work, and my hospital admission papers. But I also have to finish thank you notes and catch up on Hosey's baby book. I need to learn better time management skills... :)

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