Tuesday, October 2, 2007

First Night in the New Home!

Justin and I were able to spend the night in our new home yesterday. Again, thanks to the heroic efforts of my stepdad, we got out bed in, as well as some other essentials, like toilet paper, and the shower curtain. We ate frozen pizza as our first supper, but we only had one chair, and Justin graciously gave it to me. He's a very considerate husband.

The apartment is great, with just a few things we want to try and get the landlord to fix, like yucky blinds on some of the windows. They are not just dirty, but sort of broken in some spots. We also found a car battery in one of the closets. That's going to need to go... :) You can tell that he does property flips in the way the apartment has been renovated. Lots of the materials seems salvaged, but not in a bad way. And the kitchen and bathroom have nice tile floors and solid materials. Just like my stepdad said, "they always renovate the kitchen and the bathroom." That's fine with us. The oven is nicer than our old one (doesn't take to much for that) and the dishwasher is great, even though it's one of those mini ones. We have to get soap for it. There is a neat little telephone cubby in the dining room, and he's painted it a chocolate dark brown to highlight it. I can't think yet what to put in there, but I'm thinking a small plant would be nice.

Anyways, we will continue to carry loads over throughout the week, and Saturday should mark the end. Justin has Friday and Monday off to help set things up and meet the internet guy, etc. He is planning on cleaning our old place on Monday.

Tomorrow is my 28 week check-up at the doctor's. I will also be getting my glucose test done. I hate that. I don't like having my finger poked. It's awful. Then again, I'm guessing that I should probably readjust my pain tolerance as much as possible, since in three months I'll be going through labor...


Susan said...

Congratulations! So exciting being in your new place! Thinking of you all.

J said...

at least your air works!