Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hooray for Walgreen's!

After work today (and before yoga) I went to the Walgreen's by my work. Turns out they carry a generic version of Slow FE, and I saved a little over $10 getting it! I took it right before class, much to Justin's chagrin. He thinks it's very bad to take ANYTHING without food. But I'm happy to report nothing terrible happened to me from taking it with just some tap water.

Today was my last yoga class. There is a new session that starts in a couple of weeks and runs through December 15 or so, but it doesn't really fit into our budget. And I'm not sure how I'll feel about hauling myself to yoga class when I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant. Especially with how my feet have been looking lately. My teacher intentionally led a few poses in class for my benefit, and I did notice that my left foot was much less swollen after class. I made a mental note of the moves, and I plan to use them at night. It's lovely having an entire class full of dainty-ankled pregnant women oggle at your gigantic swollen feet and ankles. Seriously.

In baby news, I am convinced that Hosey is going through some changes. I've been feeling the usual punches and kicks, but all day, I've also been feeling these gentle turns and movements. And when I woke up this morning, it felt like my belly had changed shape. The other day I was convinced that I was having a pendicitis, with this horrible horrible sharp pain in my lower right side. It eventually went away after a couple of hours, but it was so bad that I couldn't walk. It's come back a few times since then to lesser degrees, and I'm now convinced that I must have pulled a muscle.

I've generally been a pretty healthy person my whole life, and never broken any bones, and I don't get sick very often. But I am sure that being pregnant turns a lot of previously stoic women into utterly helpless hypochondriacs. A lot of women in my yoga class seem convinced that they have lots of problems and are having "difficult pregnancies." I think they might be bored. To me, a "difficult pregnancy" is really one where you are put on bed rest, or have diabetes, etc. Back pain, swelling, heartburn, and all the other pregnancy symptoms that are less nice are just that. Pregnancy symptoms. Maybe it's God's way of providing some sort of natural birth control. I know I'm not looking to get back to the first trimester morning sickness any time soon. And I'll be happy to get rid of these size 10 clown shoes I had to buy last weekend since nothing but flip flops would fit on my feet. In the meantime, I'm really really enjoying the kicking and dancing that Hosey seems to be doing. I also like to have chats with Hosey sometimes at night. I ask Hosey to lay off my bladder a little bit. It's tough to sleep with four bathroom trips in a seven hour span. So far, I haven't gotten much of a response on that one. I also love being able to eat a cookie at work and have people ask why it is that I don't have two or three more. It's fun to eat one cookie and have people act like you are really depriving yourself. Only 11 more weeks. And that's if Hosey is punctual.

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