Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Can a doctor fire you?

Just as an update, I called my doctor's office after being urged by my co-worker who has a new baby, and by my mom. So I'm going in this afternoon instead of tomorrow morning.

And just in keeping with the little stinker personality that has been evident so far, Hosey started up a flurry of kicks while I was on hold with the nurse waiting for an appointment for today. Right after I told her that the baby's activity level had decreased a little.

I also am fully aware that as things move along, the baby kicks less, simply because it is getting fatter and bigger and doesn't have nearly as much room to kick, but the timing of it slowing down right when I was having other pains... leads to mama paranoia. And Nana paranoia, as my mom says. In any case, I'll be glad to go ahead and go in today and have the doctor tell me that everything is fine. And maybe after today I'll make it the full two weeks before I'm back in again... :) I'm hoping they let me make today be my check-up so I can skip my appointment tomorrow. It seems a little silly to go two days in a row. I have to remember to show the doctor my cankle, too. It's just lovely these days. And yesterday evening when I got home and took my shoes off, I noticed that my right foot was just barely smaller than the left. So at least I'm equally puffy! Some symmetry is good, right? Poor poor Justin. That's all I can say. I always run in and show him how gross the swelling is, and I also like to show him new stretch marks on my belly. He really gets the best of everything.

That reminds me, the other morning, Justin woke up for a little while, and he put his hand on my belly before falling back asleep. For the next half hour, Hosey punched or kicked just the spot where Justin's hand was, and no where else. Justin of course slept through it, but I thought it was special. And it proves that Hosey already loves Justin.

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