Friday, October 5, 2007

Busy busy weekend

So this weekend is very busy for us. Today Justin is picking up the Enterprise Cargo Van that my dad rented for us. We'll have it until 1:00 tomorrow, and I'm so relieved! I think it will make the move so much easier. Justin has the day off today, so the poor thing will be motoring back and forth on his own. He promised not to take anything too heavy by himself.

Tonight after work is my work baby shower. We're just going to a bar/restaurant across the street from our building, and it's co-ed. People at my work are drinkers. It should be interesting. I have no concept of whether it will be five people, or twenty people. I guess we'll see!

Saturday is moving day. My mom, my sister and her kids are coming to help me with the nursery, and my brother-in-law is coming to help Justin with the heavy stuff. We are so lucky to have so much family to utilize as labor! :) I'm very excited to finally have the apartment coming together, and we've really been enjoying it so far. It's very quiet, and feels so giant! It will be nice when there is no longer an echo in the living and dining rooms. We have about two or three times as many windows as we used to, so as soon as the budget allows, we've got to get some curtains to hang. I love curtains. They really make a house feel like a home. And they are practical when you are running the AC. I hung some curtains on one of the bedroom windows, but there are still two more. The window I hung them on is a double window, and it had no blinds on it. So it was urgent.

Sunday is the ladies family shower that my stepmom is hosting at a restaurant in Roswell. I think it will be lovely. We couldn't invite very many people because the restaurant is small, but I think it will be very nice. My sister was in charge of ordering a cake, and apparently it has a kewpie on it. That is exciting! I love kewpies. She said she made kewpie place cards, too. My stepmom and my sister have really worked hard for the shower, and I'm so appreciative of all the time they've put into it! I know my stepmom picked out beautiful invitations and she is working hard to get some lovely floral centerpieces for the tables. I'm so spoiled... :)

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