Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I have proof!

I have been saying that my glasses are lopsided since I got them. And my friend Sarah at work just sent me a picture from the baby shower on Friday. Here it is. And clearly, either my face, or my glasses are lopsided. So there.

In other news, Justin finished cleaning out the old apartment yesterday. He turned in the keys, too. We are officially out of there. In the new apartment, I just put up some pictures in the living room, and we're still plugging away at getting everything done. We have a lack of storage in the apartment, with most of the closet space in Hosey's room, oddly enough. We have a lot of books, and no bookshelves, so we're trying to find a solution to that little situation. I've been half-heartedly looking on Craigslist for bookshelves, but I just don't have the energy lately. We also went to IKEA on Sunday night to get some light bulbs and a lamp shade, and we looked a little bit there. Maybe in a few months we'll finally pick something out. In the meantime, there are so many boxes with baby stuff in them, the books just sort of blend in. :)

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J said...

did you know that ears are never level? I have the same problem....