Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bathroom walls made of cake frosting

This weekend was really nice, although very busy. I'm really trying to get lots done before I'm really mean and out of commission in a month or two (just joking). But we did get a lot done in the apartment this weekend. It's definitely starting to feel like a comfortable home. And we got started on the crib today, before I ran out on Justin and went to Lenox with my mom for an all day shopping extravaganza.

One of my favorite purchases is a new bathroom. My mom helped, and we got new rugs, a shower curtain, and new towels. Everything was very reasonable, since it all came from Target, and I rushed home to put the bathroom together and surprise Justin. I certainly surprised him. While hanging a hand towel on the metal rack that our landlord just installed when we moved in, the entire thing ripped out of the wall. It landed on a heap on the floor with a loud bang, and Justin came up to check on me, thinking that I might have fallen down... And of course he saw the towels... So now we have no where to hang towels, and four GIANT holes in the wall. Not quite what I was going for. The holes are especially awful because there were anchors on the screws. The landlord is supposed to come tomorrow to install new smoke detectors, so maybe we can just slip that in, too. Ooops.

The shower curtain is pretty silly, but I don't care. I like it. It's one of those photo shower curtains but it features gothic skyscrapers. It reminds both me and Justin of Gotham City, of Batman fame. Who doesn't want Gotham City in their bathroom?? I mean seriously.

Justin has been really putting blood, sweat and tears into unpacking and getting everything looking great. He's currently hanging pictures. He's tireless. So anyways, we are just about ready to start having people over. And we can't wait!

We'll just have to do something about the towels...

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