Friday, October 26, 2007


It's been a long week. I'm really glad it's already Friday. I just returned from lunch at Pleasant Peasant with some co-workers. Two of us have birthdays right around now (hers is today, and mine is tomorrow) so we went to lunch to celebrate. It was nice. I had salmon, asparagus and risotto. mmm, cheesey risotto.

This weekend is promising to be very busy, with lots of fun things going on, including a trip to Andretti's Speed Lab in Roswell tonight for my friend's birthday. I'm hoping they have skee ball there...

Tomorrow we've got my birthday party with my sister and her family and my Dad, stepmom and stepsister. We're going to a farm in Duluth where they have pig racing. I think it's supposed to be an authentic farm from the 40's. Then, Saturday night is dinner with Justin's Dad and Susan.

Sunday is a birthday party for Justin's niece, Mary Ansley. I'm sure that will be very fun as well!

So we'll be busy, but I think it will be nice. These days, it's just nice to keep my mind off work. :)

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